Is online sports betting illegal in the US?

Online sports betting is not illegal in the US. No federal law criminalizes sports betting from on the individual level. Individual states may have laws that make the activity illegal, but on the national level – you’re not committing a crime by placing a sports bet online.

Is it possible to make money by betting on sports?

Yes, it is possible for you to make money betting on sports. However, we must be clear that it is no walk in the park to become profitable while betting on sports. Even the best professional sports bettors still lose wagers regularly. What's important is for you to develop your sports betting and bankroll strategy so that you give yourself the best chance to make money over the long haul of your sports betting career.

Which betting site should I use?

Yes. Assuming you only use the reputable and trustworthy sites that is. The top sports betting sites have absolutely no issue with paying out to their winning customers, which is exactly how it should be. Unfortunately, there are a few sites that look for any excuse not to pay their customers. There are also some that don’t even bother to look for excuses, and just flat out refuse to pay. These are the exception rather than the rule though, and such sites are pretty easy to avoid.

Will I get paid my winnings?

There isn’t one single correct answer to this question, as it depends on several factors. In simple terms, however, any site that meets the following criteria should be fine. Reliable and trustworthy. Proven track record. Licensed, regulated and operating legally. Accepts customers from your region. These are the minimum requirements. Ideally, you want to use one (or more) of the very best sites around. You should also try to use sites that suit any preferences or specific requirements you may have. Identifying the right ones requires more effort, but it’s worth it to ensure you get the best possible experience. Want a quick solution? Then check out our recommendations. We’ve ranked the top sports betting sites in a variety of different categories, making it easy to find exactly what you need. Each and every site we recommend is thoroughly tested to make sure it’s genuinely high quality.

How much money should I bet?

One of the most commonly asked questions by folks new to sports betting is how much money they should risk when placing a sports bet. In short, there is no blanket answer to this question. The amount of money that you should risk may vary from another person making the same bet based upon many different factors.

What major sports on which sportsbooks lose the most money?

To be clear, the sportsbooks don’t lose long term on any sport, but MLB baseball is where they are most vulnerable. The number of games to monitor is tough, and baseball’s advanced statistics can be a powerful tool for handicappers who build betting models.

How much can I win? Can I make living betting sports online?

Theoretically, you can win unlimited. Realistically, making a living at sports betting is extremely hard but possible. The market is still viable, but getting your bet sizes limited is a major problem once you start to become profitable. Especially in U.S. markets, it can be tougher to get a lot down once you become known as a profitable, +EV sports bettor. Regarding return on investment, it’s tough to say, but long term you can expect an ROI from anywhere between 3-10% on the amount you bet. Your edge on each bet is going to vary widely and depending on your starting bankroll. It may take some time to make any serious money.

Do you recommend local bookies?

We recommend online sports betting as the best choice but we wouldn’t advise bettors to completely write off local bookies. There are certainly a lot of pitfalls with locals, unreliability and then some that regularly stiff players, but if you can find a trusted local they can be an excellent complement to online sportsbooks.